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Download Now! Beats Sequencing with FL Studio by E. J. Garba provides practical examples, tricks and tips on how to produce beats, loops, jingles and soundtracks.

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In this book, Digital Audio Mastering with Ozone by E. J. Garba, Izotope Ozone is used to illustrate some basic mastering skills and tricks. This mastering plug-in is very flexible and easy to use in the sense that almost all the mastering processors and effects are in the application module.


Download Now! Music Arranging and Mixing with Reason by E. J. Garba sheds light on arrangement of music in time and space; and on how to make reusable device connections.


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Music technology (computer/digital music) is a strategic process of marrying the technical abilities of an average computer user with the artistic creativity of a conventional musician. This is the gist of this book: Music Technology (An Introductory Guide) by E. J. Garba.

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Download Now! Understanding Internet Browsing by E. J. Garba will shed some light on effective Internet surfing for fruitful results – while making you more computer-worthy and confident to face the challenges of this new digital identity.