As a global Multimedia Service Provider (MSP), ETHEREAL MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY is concerned with aiding multimedia driven corporations, media and advertising organizations and governments provide multimedia solutions with local content to their clients and the public. Our services are not only affordable, but also of high quality to help us both attain mutual WIN-WIN deals. Our client’s satisfaction is the essence of our corporate existence.

Are you a journalist, blogger, vlogger, presenter, preacher, author, speaker, digital marketer, online tutor/explainer, or statistical reporter? Have you been looking for ways to save money and improve efficiency by automating your multimedia and media production?

ETHEREAL MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY specializes in the deployment of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence [AI] in multimedia and media production of digital content such as text, video, animation and graphics.

Artificial intelligence is an emerging and evolving branch of Computer Science; take advantage of it to skyrocket your profits and reduce overhead costs in your multimedia and media production. Let us help you deploy AI in your media production processes.

Find below some of our AI multimedia and media production services:

  1. Natural-sounding AI voiceover creation [AI text to speech technology];
  2. AI transcription [AI speech to text technology];
  3. AI multilingual translation of text and online videos;
  4. AI video creation [AI text to video technology];
  5. eBook to Videobook creation;
  6. Animated infographics and social insights reporting;
  7. AI image to text conversion [AI Optical Character Recognition];
  8. AI grammar, editing, proofreading and plagiarism checks;
  9. AI digital marketing [AI Ad Script generator];
  10. AI report generation;
  11. 2D, 3D and 3D-animated eCovers.