MULTIMEDIA-AND-ITS-APPLICATION1 Ethereal Multimedia Technology www.ethereal.ngETHEREAL MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY is a solution oriented company providing products and consulting services, training, research and development in field of Music/Multimedia Technology, eCommerce Technology and Software Engineering.

Ethereal Multimedia Technology is a new generation global Multimedia Service Provider (MSP) with its core technical orientation in the area of Local Content Delivery (LCD) based on the existing and emerging multimedia technologies, which encompass computer-controlled assimilation, integration and manipulation of text, hypertext, images, graphics, drawings, still and moving pictures (video), animation, audio, sound, music and other media where information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally.

Multimedia products and services are a quintessential developmental component in the worldwide communications, marketing and advertising marketplaces. Multimedia provides a robust new and innovative enablement for service providers and greatly enhances business solutions.

The global demand for information is not only on an unquantifiable increase but its diversified trend in content manipulation and delivery is as well dynamic and multifaceted. From the conventional media (radio, TV, Newspaper, etc.) to digital media, computer networks, Internet, the World Wide Web, social media networks and e-presence platforms, multimedia content play an essential role in shaping new generation businesses.

Therefore, in order to make up for the shortfall of multimedia services, Ethereal Multimedia Technology seeks to look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape businesses in the not distant future. Ethereal Multimedia Technology realizes the need to create a long-term roadmap for innovative Multimedia Service Provision and Local Content Delivery.

The vision of Ethereal Multimedia Technology is centered on achieving a sustainable high standard on the provision of quality and innovative multimedia products and services based on the existing and emerging technologies in the fields of Music and Multimedia Technology.

Ethereal Multimedia Technology is driven by its domesticated 3Cs of Corporate Ethics:

Certification – this is an indicator of education or knowledge acquired but not necessarily the proof of it. An attestation of any discipline of study, we believe, opens the door of opportunities rightfully meant for it. Every person at Ethereal Multimedia Technology is expected to be certified and recertified, trained and retrained. The quality of the people is what makes up Ethereal Multimedia Technology.

Content – this is the net worth of the inner value of the beholder of any attestation. Contradiction between one’s inner value and his/her attestation is acceptable where the person’s content outweighs his/her certification. An appreciable worth of a person’s skills, potentials, talents and ability to deliver is what keeps such a person within the opportunities rightfully meant for him/her. A person’s content, we believe, forms the basis for individualistic independence.

Character – this is the indispensable qualities of an individual responsible for his uniqueness. What is most desirable and expectant at Ethereal Multimedia Technology is that each person should carry him/herself in such a manner that will promote Cooperation in Working Place and Competition in Market Place. One’s character (especially, interpersonal skills, integrity and honesty) is the key to effective interdependence in a corporate setting such as ours. Character forms the basis for a sustainable growth, development and excellence within the opportunities driven by content and established by certification.

Ethereal Multimedia Technology believes every human being is too precious just to be used and/or abused; rather we are committed to adding value to humanity while giving people equal opportunities to materialize their dreams, maximize their potentials and prove their worth.

Ethereal Multimedia Technology services include:

  1. General ICT Solutions and Supplies.
  2. Website & Mobile App Development.
  3. Corporate Branding.
  4. Digital Marketing & Social Media Ads.
  5. Explainer Videos & Animated Presentations.
  6. Motion Graphics Design.
  7. Speech Transcription.
  8. Natural-sounding Artificial Intelligence Voiceover.
  9. Self-publishing (eBooks and Audiobooks).