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Fast Track Logistic Solution

The FastTrack logisticss is a custom logistics management solution bundle designed to manage your logistics operation.

Access Channels

With a unified administrative dashboard the solution is accessible via web, mobile app and whatsApp chat bot to enable your customers easily access your services

System Description

iPOS inventory management module provides many intuitive ways for management tracking and correcting inventory stock ensuring your physical stock matches that of your database

Takes care of product batches and their attributes such as serial number, manufacturing dates, Expiry dates in your stock

iPOS Helps Manitain the physical location of your product in your store/warehouse to ensure easy and convenient retrieval

iPOS Dashboard Screen

The solution is rubost, scalable & ergonomically designed to

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Retail Accounting
  • Point of sale
  • Pill Remainder for pharmacy
  • Partner Management

Why FastTrack

The implementation of our solution would not only provide a competitive edge for your business but would as well enhance customer experience, retention, boost revenue generation and increase your clientele

The solution captures and manages all processes involved in the delivery lifecycle from the pickup point of delivery with details of all the actors involved for effective tracking and reporting in real time

iPOS Dashboard Screen

Additional Features

Some non-functional features that comes with the logistics software service


Delivery agents and admin receive SMS, emails and push notifications whenever tasks are assigned to them or accepted.

Proof of Delivery

When a delivery has been successfully made, the agent collects a proof of delivery by capturing details of the reciept and the customer gets immediate alert.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing for Agents which enables the agents pick up an order and deliver within the shortest delivery time using route optimization algorithm.

Track Delivery Agent

Admin and customers are able to track the delivery agents in real-time including the estimated delivery time.

Executive Report Dashboard

An Executive Reporting Dashboard embedded with analytical and business intelligence providing a bird's eye view of all key metrics.

API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) which helps in integrating the solution with your corporate client's systems.


We provide our clients with solutions that are streamlined to suit your diverse technology needs and achieve your business objectives.



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