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IPOS and Inventory Module

iPOS is a custom retail management software as a service solution targeted at pharmaceutical and retail businesses. iPOS inventory module provides many intuitive ways to manage, track and correct inventory stocking while ensuring physical stock matches with the database.

System Description

iPOS inventory management module provides many intuitive ways for management tracking and correcting inventory stock ensuring your physical stock matches that of your database

Takes care of product batches and their attributes such as serial number, manufacturing dates, Expiry dates in your stock

iPOS Helps Manitain the physical location of your product in your store/warehouse to ensure easy and convenient retrieval

iPOS Dashboard Screen

IPOS Modules

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Retail Accounting
  • Point of sale
  • Pill Remainder for pharmacy
  • Partner Management

How our modules bring about a better experience

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Product Management

  • Keep track of every product across all outlets
  • Easily transfer product from one outlet to another
  • Easily do PUSH and PULL operations from your warehouse
  • Easily export and import product list from excel
  • Easily make stock entries correction audit trail helps keep track of changes
  • Easily check-in and checkout products transferred to or from one outlet to another or from a stock (warehouse) to outlet.
  • Capture all essential product attributes such as manufacturing date, expiry date, batch, batch serial number, supplier, unit price, wholesale price etc.
  • Supports multi-channel selling
  • Supports product barcode and many more.

Retail Accounting

  • Auto generation of financial accounts such as sales, purchase, customer account, supplier account, sales account, petty cash etc.
  • Easy integration with Bank accoun and payment gateways for different payment options.
  • Supports accounting books keeping and ledgers.
  • Supports quick and easy generation of balance sheets, profit and loss accounts with a few clicks.
  • Smart and quick billing
  • Cash register / Terminal cash register integration
  • Multi-channel selling and many more.

Customer Management

  • Supports customer's enrollment (create, edit and view customers profile)
  • Track customers account
  • Supports customer's loyalty programs
  • Supports customer's referral points
  • Contact management
  • Supports tracking of customers'needs/ requests/ complaints
  • Customers response
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Track customers'retention and many more
  • Supports customer loyalty system/programs
  • Customers birthday reminders/ auto greetings

Stock Auditing and Monitoring

  • iPOS generates audit trails of any stock changes in the system
  • Keeps track of mismatches between physical stock and database
  • Supports stock validation

Multiple Warehouses

  • iPOS provides clients with the ability to specify physical product location in cases where they have multiple warehouses or stores.
  • iPOS also enables stock requisitions from one ware house to another
  • iPOS can also be used to facilitate stock transfers between warehouses

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to address their user needs


Tonia Pharmacy

Designing a world-class custom retail and inventory management solution for managing, tracking and updating supermarket stocks

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